History of African Martial Arts

History of African Martial Arts

Published Date: August 9, 2016

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We generally think of Asia as the home of Martial Arts, but Egypt had the first organized Martial Art training as far back as 2000 BC.

Africa has unique Martial Art Styles that are practiced today. We invite you to enjoy learning about them in The History of African Martial Arts, part of the World Martial Arts Series.

In the History of African Martial Arts you will find out about the origins, practices
and fighting styles that developed from North Africa to South Africa and as far as West Africa.

These styles include: Dambe, Engola, Istunka, Lutte Traditionnelle, Nuba, Musangwe, Nguni, Evala, Lamb, Surma and Tahtib, the oldest martial art in history.

We strive to bring these lesser known and followed fighting skills to life for you by explaining their origins and practices.

People have always needed protection. African Martial Arts developed into unique fighting skills, which live on today.


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